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Why Learn through E-Box ?

Most of the courses in Core Engineering / Computer Science Graduate programs carry a knowledge component related to a domain/ concept, and the corresponding skill component. Until today, the lab sessions have been modeled to practice a total of just 10 to 15 fixed set of exercises to introduce foundational skills to students with an assumption that they would practice more at a later time either through self interests, or during an apprenticeship. All these years industries were happy to recruit fresh engineering graduates with a good score in knowledge component, and with introductory fundamental skills. But on the other hand, such low skilled engineering graduates had burdened the industry with huge cost in terms of training and development in order to match the expected skill requirements.

Now the question is, what if a teacher wants to make his/her student(s) practice & solve more problems, and help them specialize in creating defect free engineering designs & systems. With a simple strength of 60 member classroom, and 100 exercises/assignments, faculty will get dumped with 6000 solutions to evaluate within a dead-lined time interval, which is humanly an impossible task. And that too, to assess/evaluate with precision is going to be an exhaustive task. Now pat comes the next question, "Is it really important for a faculty to acquire such precise assessment metrics of students?". The answer is a big YES, provided the teacher is a sincere professional who intends to provide complete personal attention to each and every student. But as mentioned, if it's humanly impossible to assess with such precision then what could be the solution for charting out a practice oriented learning classroom? That should be possible only with another beautifully carved learning automation machine.

There comes E-Box with an intricate and precise auto-evaluation capability. E-Box helps faculty with defect free learning analytics of students, aids to understand the abilities of students, and the conceptual obstacles that challenge them. It helps them with enough data metrics to carry out a personalized teaching model in classrooms. E-Box can auto crunch and analyze huge number of solutions within no time. E-Box helps students to practice more. Practice helps students acquire precise skills which can be put into use to develop defect free engineering and software systems.

Learning in E-Box Academy would take you to greater heights in career. Enjoy learning with us.

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The platform was top-notch. The course content was meticulously prepared and
tailored to suit my intelligence level. The overall experience with E-Box was


E-Box is one of the best platforms to learn and master programming. It has enhanced my logical ability. E-Box has been the main reason behind my placement in such a good company


E-Box opened me to more challenges and enhanced my skills further.E-Box Academy is a genuine career shaper for any young IT aspirant

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